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Katherine believes this sport has changed her life and allowed her to tap into parts of herself that she never knew existed. Not only did kettlebell sport grow her athletic ability and improve her health, but it became a way for her to balance her mind and develop mental focus. Katherines passion for teaching propelled her to share my love of kettlebell sport with others. Soon, she was completing kettlebell coaching certifications and beginning an apprenticeship under Coach Saiko at K2 in 2017 and began coaching kettlebell sport classes in May of 2018. She absolutely loves utilizing kettlebells and sport lifting as a tool to help people make positive changes in people’s lives.

When she is not training or coaching kettlebell sport, you might find her boxing at the gym. Or teaching oceanography at local college, rock climbing, skiing, or spending time exploring the outdoors with her family.

Her credentials include:
  • IKFF CKT Level 1 and Level 2 Feb 2019
  • IKO Kettlebell Sport Trainer June 2018
  • Ketacademy Level 2 Trainer Certification July 2017
  • Master of Sport 60 Minute Marathon Long Cycle
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt
  • US National Kettlebell Team Member, AKLU, 2023

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