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Coach Eric

He takes a well-rounded approach that encompasses all aspects, from self-defense, to competition and performance too. Ultimately using it as a vehicle for self-mastery and life performance.  His main focus is to help clients achieve their goals and strive for excellence in their lives by becoming adaptable. Adaptable to whatever situation or environment that they find themselves in, whether it is in the gym, in competition or in their everyday life.

This is highlighted in the environment that he has created in the gym, an environment that allows for people to be themselves. To take risks, experiment and be creative. This ultimately leads someone to be able to adapt and succeed in and out of the gym.  This is his personal philosophy and the foundation of Crazy Monkey.  Eric is a veteran of 20+ years of service in the US Army. Having served as an infantryman for over 12 years and a Relief Commander at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery.  He is a husband, father, coach and martial artist.

His credentials include:
  • Boxing Coach
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 1st Degree Black Belt
  • Narkradam and Sitsuriyasak Muay Thai Coach
  • CMD Golden Gloves Coach
  • WYB Trainer (Self-Defense)
  • Edge Defense and Red Zone Knife Defense Level 2 Trainer
  • Master of Science Degree, Leadership and Coaching, Bellevue University

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